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u can has RDA

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24 October
Ecotopian in exile
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Hi. This is Beth.
But your profile says "MacBeth."
Yes, but the "Mac" is silent.
Duct tape.

* * * * *
Other notes:
This is an image gallery; I post a new LOL three days a week (at present). On weekends, I mod the rda_daily comm.

I have another journal, bethinexile, where I post about writing and life and stuff, mostly about writing. Sometimes I post fic.

I'm also the lead moderator for the fic_rush writing comm. We choose one weekend each month and hang out together online, cheering each other on in hourly posts, exchanging awful jokes and crackiness, and writing. No wordcount requirements, multi-fandom, come and go for as much of the weekend as you can, and we're always glad to see new faces. Join us next month! Or the month after! If you have a time machine, join us last month! It's that kind of group.

Feel free to join me in any of these locations! Comments are welcome (when are they not?)

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