MacBeth (lolmac) wrote,


He also losted dis.
Episode: Two Times Trouble, Season 5          Screen Capture from: macgyver_daily

Safe at our hotel – and the elevators have behaved so far! We started out the morning far too early, doing our volunteer shifts at registration, which left us with the afternoon free for getting into trouble – our own mini-locations tour of downtown Vancouver, featuring the Gastown clock and Stanley Park.

The evening was, of course, dedicated to getting into even more trouble, including an improv show by Dan Payne and Alex Zahara, a send-up of Stargate for which they pulled volunteers from the audience – I landed the role of Major Sam Carter (aka Major Love Starter), and did my best to make an absolute idiot of myself in public, with what I hope was reasonable success. I ended up with an autographed script of the alleged show, hugs from both perpetrators, and a “You did really well”.  And a warm fuzzy feeling.
Tags: gatecon, macgyver, whumpage
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