MacBeth (lolmac) wrote,


At least he dint run out uv gas

Episode:  Murderer’s Sky, Season 3          Screen Capture from: macsyourman

Safe in Vancouver at Gatecon – we drove up on Wednesday in weather that alternated between blatting rain and sun breaks. Fortunately, the sun breaks mostly happened when we wanted them – we detoured through the Mountain Loop Highway on the way up to Canada, sixty beautiful, gorgeous miles of, well, trees.  Lots of trees.  Biiiiig trees.

 In Vancouver, we crammed 13 people into three vehicles and all went out to Horizons (aka O’Mally’s from the episode ‘Upgrades’) for an evening of feasting and debauchery. No-one played pool or got into any brawls with Marines, but if we had, we would have kicked ass. *G*

Tags: automotive, gatecon, macgyver, travel
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