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Split Decision, Season 7    Screen Capture from:  rda_daily

I could blame my partner, who introduced me to the LOLCats site, . . . 

I could blame my friend Lothithil, who asked me “Do you know how to add captions to photos?” and showed me where to find screen caps online, thereby enabling an addict . . .

But it would be shabby to blame anyone but myself for all the fun I’ve been having. So I’ll just hope that others will get a good laugh out of the results. Check in regularly -- there are a lot more of these coming!

Intense and fervent gratitude for screen captures must flow in endless abundance to the rda_daily and macgyver_daily communities, and the following websites:, stargatesg1971, and

Obligatory disclaimer language and additional remarks:
I don’t own any of the source images. Duh. MacGyver is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures Corporation. Stargate SG-1 is the property of MGM Global Television, Stargate SG-1 Productions, Gekko Film Corp, Showtime Networks Inc. and the Sci-Fi Channel. All images are the property of the respective trademark and copyright holders and no infringement is intended. 

Most of these images are the result of a fair amount of work on my part – in some cases quite a lot. Help yourself to the ones you like, but remember where they came from and credit accordingly.

Comments is gud. I also accept suggestions, requests, hints, bribes, etc.

Final comment for parental units: there are plenty of sites with LOL-style images and captions that are definitely unsuitable for kids. This isn’t intended to be one of them. Some of the jokes may be saucy, but you can expect the ratings level to stay well below R.
Update: there is now, in fact, a site called This isn't it. This one's prettier.
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