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Mac is Back!! - LOLMac
u can has RDA
Mac is Back!!
September 18th!  Webisodes now online! (I haven't even had a chance to see them yet, but WOOHOO!!)

MacGyver and the Citan

Note:  the link has the GB country code.  You'll need it.)


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sidlj From: sidlj Date: 18th September 2012 17:57 (UTC) (Link)
I'm just killing time while the third episode buffers. *G*

Thanks for linking!
rdamel From: rdamel Date: 19th September 2012 02:38 (UTC) (Link)
This was fun! Took awhile to load, for me, but I saw all 3 "episodes", plus the behind the scenes thing, which was also fun, even if several of those speaking I could not understand! (clearly, there is American English, and "other" English!)

Actually, I don't know if you have the behind the scenes and trailer link, here, I just saw all of them via the KateR RDAnderson update link, but I assume they're the same.

Cute LOL, too!
Mac is Back, Indeed, and Hooray!

Melissa M.
lolmac From: lolmac Date: 19th September 2012 03:19 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, I got the trailer and behind-the-scenes links from Astra. I've been waiting for the 'webisodes' to go live!
lothithil From: lothithil Date: 19th September 2012 04:40 (UTC) (Link)
I'm having a devil of a time finding the time to watch these. I got about half through the first and had to close out. *sigh* I need someone to create a diversion for my life so I can watch!!
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