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LOLBlog - LOLMac
u can has RDA

Da lolrus duznt like trolls.
Episode:  Jerico Games, Season 6           Screen Capture from:  macsyourman

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thothmes From: thothmes Date: 12th June 2012 13:21 (UTC) (Link)
No, but as the bukkit points out, you can keep a blog maintainer there. Accommodations are Spartan, and the fit is snug, but it's warm on cold days, and sometimes the next door bukkit gets some nice fish in. The blogger's out to lunch just now. His critics would say he's out to lunch all the time, but they're just jealous because they can't describe the sheen on a dead mackerel nearly as eloquently and poetically as he does, and their herring humor is forced and trite, compared to his sparkling asides and sly wit. You may have heard of this blogger before. A Mr. Opus?
lolmac From: lolmac Date: 12th June 2012 14:44 (UTC) (Link)
Mr. Opus -- isn't his first name Magnum?
thothmes From: thothmes Date: 12th June 2012 19:06 (UTC) (Link)
I think that Magnum and Minor are his elder and younger brothers, respectively. I think he's just Opus. You may have seen him around. He has a really big nose, and wears a tux. Clearly that's Magnum or Minor in your icon. The nose is much too small.
lothithil From: lothithil Date: 12th June 2012 13:22 (UTC) (Link)
There's something fishy about this...

lolmac From: lolmac Date: 12th June 2012 15:01 (UTC) (Link)
Yet strangely alluring.
zeilfanaat From: zeilfanaat Date: 12th June 2012 14:50 (UTC) (Link)
If those are the new server protocols, I'm filing a complaint right now. No available fish during those hours is clearly not a very good service at all. I love to blog the bukkit, especially during that time!

z: Ahem... I believe you mean you love to hog the bukkit... and that's why they have the new protocols: they've got to make a little space for others!
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