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LOLGolfBall - LOLMac
u can has RDA

Mebbe we kin play basketball.
Episode:  Eye of Osiris, Season 6           Screen Capture from:  macsyourman

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idlewild_ From: idlewild_ Date: 21st December 2011 16:16 (UTC) (Link)
I would have thought that, being from Minnesota, Mac would be adept at Snow Golf. Or at least able to whip up a dandy ball-finder right quick.
lolmac From: lolmac Date: 21st December 2011 16:42 (UTC) (Link)


He does seem to have gone for an excessively low-tech solution this time.
macsme From: macsme Date: 22nd December 2011 09:39 (UTC) (Link)
The ultimate macgyverism: Mac is delivering a baby polar bear!
lolmac From: lolmac Date: 22nd December 2011 13:35 (UTC) (Link)

as long as it doesn't come out teeth-first

That looks like a very Special Delivery.
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