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LOLSlacker - LOLMac
u can has RDA

Dis wakded him up.
Episode:   The Other Guys, Season 6           Screen Capture from:  rda_daily

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pitry From: pitry Date: 13th October 2011 14:18 (UTC) (Link)
I'm sorry. I cannot see this picture without the accompanying dialogue.

"You ended that sentence with a preposition... you bastard!"

(pssst, season 6).
lolmac From: lolmac Date: 13th October 2011 21:27 (UTC) (Link)

right, season 6!

Thanks! Fixed!! (I posted too fast this morning.)
campylobacter From: campylobacter Date: 13th October 2011 15:21 (UTC) (Link)
Mmm... Jack O'Neill handporn. :D
lolmac From: lolmac Date: 13th October 2011 21:28 (UTC) (Link)
Hee! Check out the 'handporn' tag sometime. There was lots of handporn in MacGyver -- they kept doing hand close-ups when he was MacGyvering.
(Deleted comment)
lolmac From: lolmac Date: 14th October 2011 02:07 (UTC) (Link)
LOL! Admittedly, when a person has hands like his . . . what else could happen?
thothmes From: thothmes Date: 14th October 2011 02:00 (UTC) (Link)
Daniel refrains from commenting, but presses play on his compact digital tape recorder.

The sound of snoring can be clearly heard.

"It wasn't me. That was Teal'c."

"It was not, O'Neill."

"Sir," says Sam, in tones of gentle disillusionment.

"It was dark! The projector was humming, and Daniel, you must admit, was running on a bit..." offers Jack.

Hammond shakes his head ruefully.

"Dismissed!" he says.

Daniel gathers up his papers, his folders, and his coffee cup, and Sam flips closed her notepad and picks it and her briefing folders up, and they leave. Teal'c regards O'Neill impassively for a moment, and then reaches down to offer him a hand, pulling him to his feet.

They too head for the spiral stairs.

"Since you are rested, you will not be able to claim that you do not have the energy necessary to prove your superiority when we spar," Teal'c is heard to say.

"Oy," says Jack.
lolmac From: lolmac Date: 14th October 2011 02:02 (UTC) (Link)
ROFL! *gleefully adds crackfic tag to another entry*
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