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Unveiling - LOLMac
u can has RDA
As most of you already know, prior to my cross-country move, I started a parallel journal, bethinexile.  During the move itself, I kept it invitation-only and locked down, since I was (for example) posting about the actual locations of two women traveling across the country by car, which isn't information I want to share in real time with the general populace.

The move is over and I'm now settling in on this side of the continent.  Accordingly, I have unlocked the journal.  I didn't post in as much detail as I had hoped, due to limited time and energy; I have more ruminations along those lines.  Moreover, I will use that journal for future posts about my writing, as well as life in general.  I will not be posting about writing to this journal any more (so the lineup of LOLs will no longer suffer interruptions).

So feel free to visit or Friend me over there as well!  To get things nicely started, I just posted a set of ficlets over there, for multiple fandoms.

December 2010


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