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Reverb, chapter 14: Double Negative - LOLMac
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Reverb, chapter 14: Double Negative
SPOILER ALERT:  I really recommend that you do not read this chapter out of sequence.  Comments to this post are a Designated Spoilery Zone.

Here's the teaser, which is guaranteed to be spoiler-free:


Chapter 14:  Double Negative

Anne Moses, formerly Cooke, was in her late 70s now, and seemed frail and drawn; with her white hair and fine features, the resemblance to her daughter struck Mac immediately. She held out a blue-veined hand to him as he entered, escorted by the three Newfoundlands.

“How do you do, Mr. – MacGyver? Is that correct?” Her accent was English, rich and patrician. “Do I presume that you’re the same MacGyver who rescued my daughter when she was kidnapped?”

“Yes, ma’am – ”

“I wish you had come to see me then. I would have liked to thank you. Please, do sit down.”

She seated herself on the couch, and two of the dogs joined her, Eliphaz lying at her feet while Bildad, an evident favourite, climbed onto the cushions beside her. Mac settled into one of the chairs, and Zophar promptly lay down heavily on top of his right foot, threatening to cut off circulation. Mac reached down and ruffled the dog’s thick fur.

“Mrs. Moses, I’m real sorry about all this. It’s gotta be hard on you, having the past brought up.”

Anne simply bent her head slightly, a regal acquiescence. MacGyver drew a deep breath and hoped the dog lying on his foot wouldn’t change her mind about him when he started to say upsetting things.

“I presume this has something to do with Ashton?” Anne inquired softly.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Anne closed her eyes. “Mr. MacGyver, please tell me the truth. Was her death an accident?”


Mac watched her open her eyes and breathe again, running a gnarled hand along the dog’s back. He wished he didn’t have to keep asking questions.

“Did the money stop coming after she died?”

Anne stiffened. Bildad raised his head and looked at Mac reproachfully. “I’m not following you,” she said coolly.

“The money that your son used to send.”

Anne’s voice dropped from cool to glacial. “We’ve been through this all before, and if you’re here to harass me again – I never had a son, for god’s sake – ” The chilly voice was heating up quickly.

MacGyver held up an abrupt hand, stilling her for a moment. With the other hand he drew out the photo Jacqui Murry had given him and held it so the light fell on it clearly. “He’s the one on the left, isn’t he?”

Anne was suddenly silent. Mac pressed on. “He took the picture himself, using a timer. He was into photography, wasn’t he?”

- - -

The chapter is here, and the story actually starts here.

August 2010


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hermit From: hermit Date: 22nd August 2010 19:43 (UTC) (Link)
I absolutely LOVE the back story you've given Murdoc. And it makes perfect sense, though I admit I totally didn't see it coming!
lothithil From: lothithil Date: 23rd August 2010 00:28 (UTC) (Link)
Best plot twist EVAH!! *glee*
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